The Growth of the Internet in New Zealand

The Internet

Internet is one of the essential services in any country, and citizens of New Zealand follow the same. According to recent reports, nearly 94% of the population in New Zealand has access to internet services, which started in 1989. During this time, New Zealand is home to lakhs of broadband connections that are serving their purpose in the public and private sectors. The different types of broadband internet connections in New Zealand include:

  • Fiber-to-home connection (FTTH)
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
  • Cable internet
  • Mobile internet
  • Satellite broadband
  • Fixed internet

Many big companies like Chrous Limited, Christchurch, Kapiti, and Wellington are responsible for delivering internet services and connections to the people. They also make sure to deliver satellite internet connections to the entire country, thus keeping the Kiwis connected.

According to reports from Ookla in March 2020, the highest fixed broadband speed is 110.72 Mbits/s, with an average speed of 70.32 Mbits/s. In recent years, New Zealand’s government has been raising funds to develop fiber internet connections for at least 80% of the country’s population.

Different internet Retail services in New Zealand

The different types of retail internet connections in New Zealand are mentioned below:


These are the telephonic infrastructures owned mainly by a company called Chrous, which offers the best copper phone connections for all phones in the country. The connection is sensitive to distance and makes use of data transfer caps.

internet Retail services

Fiber connections

Most urban areas of New Zealand depend on fiber networks for their connectivity. In recent years, most of the fiber connections have been built on GPON technology, considered efficient, low-cost, and the most reliable. This technology is also used to build Google fiber connections.

Cable connections

After fiber connections, cable connections are most widely used by people in the country, which helps them drive a decent amount of coverage and keep in touch with their loved ones through internet applications.

Mobile connections

Aside from many others, New Zealand has three main physical mobile networks: Vodaphone, Spark, and 2degrees. Most of the country’s population relies on these networks for their internet services, and nearly 90% enjoy their services to the fullest.

Fixed Wireless

Some of the companies mentioned above, like Vodaphone, also offer fixed wireless services to the people in the country and other realities. People in urban areas mainly use them, some of whom also use the unlimited and latest 5G plans. In recent times, they have also started covering rural areas by providing excellent network connectivity to them.

Satellite connections

It is one of the most extensively stretched connections across the country from Wireless Nation, farm side, and Gravity using JCSAT-3A.

Dial-up connection

Although only 12%-1% use this type of connection in New Zealand, it is still worth mentioning, as it marked the beginning of developing internet connections in New Zealand.

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