The Era of Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the booming concepts in the technology-driven world, which is currently helping shape the entire world and driving them to a more technology-driven world. From developing intelligent cities to integrating them into everyday lives, it is slowly taking over the world. New Zealand is also one of the developing countries to implement the best use of this technology in different sectors of their business.

Although there is no constant infrastructure which to support the nationally coordinated AI policies of New Zealand, most strategies and structures are pointing in the direction of its extensive use in the near future.

In recent years, much research has been conducted by top research organizations in New Zealand, which helps in understating the effective use of technology in different sectors and developing the attitude towards an AI-driven country.

Adoption of AI in New Zealand

The growing popularity of Artificial Intelligence has driven the country to adopt and deploy various Artificial Intelligence related technologies in various sectors like agriculture, financial services, transportation sectors, retail, and others. According to different surveys conducted on the topic, nearly 20% of the top NZ organizations have already started to adopt different ways to implement the technology in real-time. Nearly half of them are from the telecommunication and information media industries.

Some of the most popular implementations are as follows:

  • Enhancing business processes with the use of various Machine Learning algorithms aids in better business processes
  • Augmentation of the current applications which leverage cloud services in the current applications
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) software to smoothly handle the process of online billing and transactions
  • Cybersecurity for data protection on the Internet
  • Automated chat boxes and digital employees to help in consumer services


Driving the AI uptake in New Zealand

It is a no-brainer that New Zealand is one of the top countries to develop and employ different technologies and experiment with their outcomes to enhance their economic income. The competitive pressure in the job and the economic market has forced NZ businesses to implement technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The five main drivers of the adoption of AI for businesses in New Zealand are:

  • Making sense and segregating vast amounts of data
  • Automate tedious, dangerous, and monotonous tasks
  • Support the process of decision-making with utmost speed and accuracy
  • Reducing the costs of business with the help of automation technologies
  • Optimize different business processes wherever necessary

However, despite the apparent need to include Ai technologies in the industries and businesses driven by New Zealand, certain vital factors should be considered before implementing it as a whole in the system.

  • Accelerating its research and studies in top universities to educate students about its working and implementation
  • Encouraging better national coordination
  • Increase investments in different R&D infrastructures from the government

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